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Body & Psyche

Senior Collection, 2022

My Senior thesis, titled Body and Psyche, is a genderless collection focusing on the complexity of the human body and psyche, with the goal to address the human connection between the brain and body and how it directly relates to our emotions, environment, and connections with others around us. A great amount of my inspiration was drawn from imagery that displays human anatomy, depictions of the human connection, and scientific writings/articles.   

Look 1

Asymmetrical puffer jacket made out of brushed cotton twill with a pocket on the left side. The jacket is soft on the inside and outside, intended to evoke a sense of comfort that we can find within one another. Waxed cotton poplin skirt that opens in the front, with side pockets, layered over brushed cotton pants with a zipper fly. Both the skirt and pants are one piece connected at the waistband.  


Look 2


Two color birdseye jacquard sweater, patterned and programmed by me and knit on the 7 gauge Shima Seiki Machine. Brushed cotton maxi skirt with front cutout.  

Look 3

Quilted brushed cotton twill dress with machine and hand embroidery inspired by the heart and blood vessels. Tissue weight cotton rib knit long-sleeve shirt layered underneath. 

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