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Maia Rivera

Fashion Designer

Maia was born and raised in Long Island, NY and is a 2022 graduate of Drexel University's Fashion Design program in Philadelphia, PA. She became interested in fashion at the age of ten after visiting her Aunt in Brooklyn and discovering how differently people express themselves through fashion in an urban environment. She began designing at a young age and attended a pre-college course at F.I.T. in 2018. As she has grown as a fashion designer, Maia has focused greatly on incorporating her creativity and love for art into her garments. She is very passionate about creating sustainable pieces that are well developed and also engage well with the body. In 2021 Maia was a fashion design intern and freelance contractor at Zero Waste Daniel based in Brooklyn, NY. She also attended an intensive course abroad in footwear at UAL's London College of Fashion in the Spring of 2022. 

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